Today’s word 3-1-2011

I will proclaim the LORD’s decree:
He said to me, “You are my son;
today I have become your father.
Psalms 2:7

While in context, this portion refers to a messianic prophecy – giving us much hope – it has a personal application as well as to what our attitude should be in regards to the fulfillment of God’s plan. It is very clear that we are children of God, this is something no one disputes or something that requires further explanation; other than to give us an exhortation to behave as the children of God that we are. One of the things that we, as children of God, must do is to proclaim God’s plan and decrees for humanity. We must remember that the world is under the authority of the enemy, although the world does not belong to him. The world, as such, is the enemy of God’s children. Worldly approach and views are not in accordance with the Father’s provisions. Each day that passes we see this postmodern society move farther and farther away from biblical principles to adopt destructive philosophies that degrade the dignity of human beings.

It is our duty to alert society about these harmful lifestyles in an intelligent and non-confrontational way, or we run the risk of getting undesirable results. The enemy has succeeded in presenting God as a vengeful and angry being. God is going to seek revenge; in fact, vengeance belongs to him and him alone. God will let his anger run free; it is his right to do so. Anger and revenge are an integral part of divine justice. The issue is that the world ignores the justice, mercy, grace and love that God offers mankind for its salvation. Humanity has been deceived by the enemy and ignores that God loves it. It is our duty to proclaim the message of love, peace and salvation offered by Jesus Christ to all who seek him. And we must do it in a firm but not confrontational way, full of compassion and love for souls that are being lost. Remember that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Proclaiming the Gospel, that is our duty. To God alone be the glory!


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