Today’s word 3-7-2011

Love the LORD, all his faithful people!
The LORD preserves those who are true to him,
but the proud he pays back in full.
Psalms 31:23

God says in his word that he protects the trustworthy and but the proud he pays back in full. Here we should ask “Am I a trustworthy person to God? Can I be a trustworthy person to others? Obviously, nobody is perfect and everybody will always have some defect or some undesirable behavior that will make him/her unreliable to others. Perhaps at some point we were commissioned a task and we did not meet the deadline, perhaps we were shared a confidence and we made it public. Also, certain types of temperament are very strict when making judgments about others, say of a sanguine person who is less likely to finish what he/she started. To gain the confidence of someone who shows no mercy is quite a task. If we can not be worthy of the trust of others, How can we become worthy of God’s trust?

When we stop depending on our own strength and capabilities and start depending entirely on the power and mercy of God we will begin to establish the trust that we want God to have of us. Many times the talents and abilities that God has given us we dedicate to our own advantage and we forget that these talents and abilities are gifts from God to be used in the expansion of his kingdom. If we can not be trustworthy in a very little matter, how can we be trustworthy with much? How good is our stewardship? How good is our quiet time? How are we helping others? Do we show compassion for our friends the same way that God showed compassion for us? Have we been diligent with what God has given us to manage until his return? These are some questions ─perhaps tough ones─ we should ask ourselves to measure our ability to be worthy of God’s trust. Do you want to be always under God’s protection? Earn his trust by following his direction. To God alone be the glory!


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