Today’s word 3-11-2011

The integrity of the upright guides them,
but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.
Proverbs 11:3

When making decisions, we should have a clear conscience, a pure heart and a sound mind. The reality is that quite often we pay too much attention to what the world has to say, forgetting that the world is our enemy and that its essence and its destiny is plain corruption. I’m not talking about the Gnostic dualism that equates the physical realm with evil and the spiritual world with good. When we have to make a decision, often we take shelter in excuses based on cultural elements or social practices that are generally approved. There is no problem doing this as long as our decisions do not clash with the principles and commandments of our Heavenly Father. To think otherwise is just that, an excuse.

Let us be alert and let us not be fooled by mainstream trends. We run the risk of being considered politically correct by society but having to be disciplined by God. Remember that the only true and unchanging justice is that which was fulfilled on the cross at Calvary through the immeasurable sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ for all of us. The righteousness that God gives us, not our own, is what will keep us focused in the way of life and away from the paths of evil. Therefore, let us very careful when making decisions! Only if we build our house upon the rock can we be sure that whatever we decide will have the approval of God and will be a blessing to many. To God alone be the glory!


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