Today’s word 3-16-2011

The men of Ephraim, though armed with bows,
turned back on the day of battle;
Psalms 78:9

Apart from infidelity and rebellion, one of the main traits of postmodern man is self-sufficiency. All of us behave this way to a lesser or greater extent. When we are unabashedly self-sufficient, we think we do not need anything or anyone to get on. If someone in view of our need offers a hand, we refuse to be helped, just because in our perception, we have all we need to overcome any difficulties. Pride prevents us from acknowledging someone extending a helping hand. We think we know everything and we believe we are the smartest of the pack. In fact, sometimes inadvertently we get into trouble just to prove to others that we can do all right without support. We do not need anyone to teach us because we know it all and we do not need anyone to support us because we are more than able to accomplish anything by ourselves.

The life of a child of God is quite the opposite. Our life is a life of dependence and not of independence. First, we depend of the mercy and goodness of our heavenly Father, who is pleased to bestow upon us every blessing and to fulfill all of our needs so that nothing is lacking. To a smaller extent we depend on our loved ones who show much forbearance when they have to literally deal with us to overcome our refusal to accept their aid. No less important is the dependence on fellow Christians and friends, who with selfless appreciation extend a hand to help us get out of trouble. As it can be seen, in everything we depend on others and very little we depend on ourselves. Let us put aside our pride and let us not despise the loving hand that extends from the heavens or from somebody around us to help us in times of trouble. To God alone be the glory!


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