Today’s word for March 28, 2011

When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers,
but a ruler with discernment and knowledge maintains order.
Proverbs 28:2

No one should be surprised by the wave of rebellions and uprisings that are happening in some countries in the Middle East. When a ruler attains power for the first time, his thoughts are full of fantasies and utopias. With delusional optimism he starts dealing with the tasks of government, and little by little his good intentions, if they ever were good, are transformed into broken promises, populist maneuvers, violation of human rights and persecution of those who oppose him, embezzlement, nepotism and plain abuse of the power that has been entrusted to him. Now that he has a power that he never had before, he thinks that he does not need God’s guidance anymore and he ends up straying from the path of righteousness. The arrogance that dominates his behavior eventually becomes the sword that cuts off any resemblance of legitimacy of his mandate. The people, who at first supported the selection or election of this leader, end up disappointed by his resounding failure and soon a process of rebellion begins that result in something that the ruler’s eyes, blinded by the power he wields, would have never envisioned: his dethroning or the loss of his life.

Rulers, good and bad, just like people, they come and go. In fact, very few of them remain in power for long. In contrast, the word of God endures forever. The law of God is the only thing that can uphold the ruler. The wisdom required to govern ─not just cunning─ comes from above. If there is not a stable and deep relationship with God, the wisdom stops flowing and folly takes its place. Do not be surprised, then, of the dramatic way in which some leaders are being confronted by the people that they once wanted to help but now are being considered by him as mere pawns in a chess board. Everything has its time and the judgment of God will come swiftly. To God alone be the glory!


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