Today’s word for March 31, 2011

A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.
Proverbs 31:10

There are men who spend a lifetime accumulating wealth and power to be able to find a wife who will serve as an ornament and a trophy to boast the success they have achieved. The role of these wives is purely decorative. They are just one more expensive ornament in their wealthy husband’s mansion. These marriages are more business than anything else, where both parties have an advantage to be gained. Other men are blessed by God and without much effort or need for riches or power, they are able find a woman so endowed with virtues and integral beauty that they are an example for other women. The wise King Solomon, who in his own words was able to enjoy “the delights of a man’s heart”, culminated his masterful book of Proverbs with a panegyric to the virtuous woman. (For homework, check this old word on your dictionary.) In this beautiful praise in acrostic mode, the wise king describes some ─not all; there are many more─ virtues of the woman of noble character.

To you, single men, I recommend you entrust this difficult task of finding a virtuous wife to God. God can choose for you very easily, without any effort, a person who meets all the desires of your heart and who possesses integral beauty, both internal and external. To you, single women, I recommend that you entrust yourselves to God. His Holy Spirit with his immeasurable transforming power will endow you with virtues that will make you a suitable helper for a man of God and an example for other women. As for me, I have been greatly blessed with the wife God gave me so I can say: To God alone be the glory!


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