Today’s word for April 18, 2011

You rule over the surging sea;
when its waves mount up, you still them.
Psalms 89:9

For any Jew who felt proud to belong to God’s chosen people it was not a secret that the power of God is unlimited and that none of the existing forces in nature can resist His mandate. They knew that the whole creation moves and plays with precision the wise and masterful orchestration of the Creator. That God can calm the storms is something that everyone understood and even took for granted. However, one night when they had to cross the Sea of Galilee and a fierce storm unleashed on the middle of lake, the disciples of Jesus were so thoroughly dominated by the terror caused by their precarious situation that they could not get it together to react in a manner consonant with their beliefs. They just let themselves be dominated by fear and with much despair they reached out to the Teacher who was peacefully asleep in the stern of the boat. Immediately after Jesus rebuked the waves and ordered the raging winds to stop, there was an absolute stillness. This was the least it would be expected of someone who was announced by the great prophet Isaiah as Mighty God and Prince of peace!

This same Jesus, who is now seated at the right hand of God, can bring complete peace to your life so ravished by the terrible storm of problems and difficulties. Look for Him in faith and you will find Him. His answer will not tarry and His powerful voice will order the circumstances around you to calm them down and to give you much-needed rest. But do not act like the frightened and surprised disciples that even though they had just witnessed the glorious power of God they still could not fully understand that He who was sleeping in the stern of the boat was the Creator Himself. You may think that God is now asleep and therefore He does not hear your voice. Trust in Him. He has already heard you and He will not allow the storm to last a second longer than it should last. To God alone be the glory!


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