Today’s word for April 25, 2011

If you find honey, eat just enough—
too much of it, and you will vomit.
It is not good to eat too much honey,
nor is it honorable to search out matters that are too deep.
Proverbs 25:16,27

One of the biggest weaknesses of humans is their inability to manage and control their emotions. Not that we should become unshakable icebergs that only convey coldness and hardness but we should not give vent to what our body and sinful nature demand of us. Emotions are not bad in themselves. They are part of our basic nature, but when they are left free to do as they please they become a heavy burden and a stumbling block to those who recklessly forsake their control. Self-control is necessary because our being may feel good and bad emotions. Both types of emotions must be controlled by our will or else we become beasts without reason. If any kind of emotions is not controlled, we would not be able control ourselves when we are dragged away by our own evil desire and enticed. When this control fails sin is begotten and we all know the consequences.

The apostle Peter told us that the self-control is a quality that if it abounds in us, along with other qualities such as faith, perseverance, virtue and love, we will grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and we will avoid becoming worthless and unproductive people. Self-control is part of the cluster of fruit of the Spirit and it can only be obtained when we are guided by him. Remember that, no matter how good something may look, everything done in excess is bad and that our purpose in life is to serve our Lord Jesus and not to serve ourselves. Let us look for the direction of the Holy Spirit of God that will enable us, strengthen us and allow us to place our emotions under control. To God alone be the glory!


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