Today’s word for April 28, 2011

A ruler who oppresses the poor
is like a driving rain that leaves no crops.
Proverbs 28:3

One of the most striking paradoxes that exist in the world is that most people who come to power either through a democratic process or by assault, in spite of how much they say they defend the poor and advocate for their rights, actually end up hurting a great deal those they claim to protect. The paradox lies in the fact that these rulers, who usually starts their terms with good intentions ─at least on paper─ and end up destroying what took years to build, come from low and middle income families. In the end, their only obsession is to accumulate large sums of money taken fraudulently from the state treasury to “ensure” that neither they nor their families have to work for the rest of their lives. Recent events in the Middle East and North Africa have brought to light the nefarious practices of such corrupt rulers and have surprised many who believed that such practices were limited to a few and obvious Latin American and Central Africa countries.

The reason for this situation is very simple; these leaders have been seduced by the world and its three lures, fame, money and power. Tyrants do not care if the nation perishes because they think they got there on their own merits. That the poor have to suffer is just a normal thing, necessary and secondary to the glorious plans and objectives their feverish mind has developed to fool the naïve, the gullible and the ignorant. Our hope is that they shall not escape God’s justice and that their ill-gotten wealth will be exhausted as easy and as fast as it was accumulated. To God alone be the glory!


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