Today’s word for May 7, 2011

I hate those who cling to worthless idols;
as for me, I trust in the LORD.
Psalm 31:6

For all practical purposes, idol is any being, object, activity, talent, institution or condition that distracts our attention and pretends to become a substitute for God. It is much easier to deal with what you can see that with what can not be seen. It is also much easier to place our trust and hope in the tangible and the known than in the intangible and unknown, even if the tangible is an inanimate object incapable of doing anything for us. We were created to live in dependence on God but our fallen, sinful nature causes us to assume a foolish pride that makes us believe that we can live our lives independently of God. We are part of the creation. We can not expunge ourselves from the world in which we are placed and we can not free ourselves from the laws governing its creation. Our pride tells us otherwise and it is based on the ancient but effective lie of the serpent: “and you will be like God…” Those who allow themselves to be convinced by the satanic premise change their obedience to God by obedience to the enemy and also change their chances of freedom by slavery to sin.

What about you? What being, object, activity, talent, institution or condition distracts your attention and pretends to become a substitute for God? There are many attractive products competing on the market for your attention and confidence. Your work, your experience, your qualifications, your profession, your savings account, your possessions, your intelligence, your skills, your connections, your friends, your ideas, your abilities, your social status, your financial status, your personality, your way with words, your sense of timing, sports, hobbies, entertainment, etc., etc., etc., as the king of the famous Broadway musical written by Rodgers and Hammerstein “The King and I” would say. Never let any of these things occupy the place that by definition and rights belongs exclusively to God. Put the Lord Jesus Christ in the center of your vision and not let anything make you avert your eyes off him. That way you will learn to depend more and more of Jesus and rely less on the idols. To God alone be the glory!


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