Today’s word for June 11, 2011

The LORD detests dishonest scales,
but accurate weights find favor with him.
Proverbs 11:1

One of the reasons why people have lost their ability to trust in others and even to trust in God is dishonesty. Those who have seen their hopes shattered by the evil deeds of those in whom they had placed their trust have been so significantly affected that they find it hard to believe that others may want to do something good for them. Many disputes could have been avoided if people had acted honestly and not with the intention to deceive their neighbor. Many of the modern techniques of marketing and sales are no different from the despicable practices of the past in which unscrupulous traders altered the weights or blended and passed poor-quality products among those of good quality. Misleading advertisement is everywhere and people are so used to be duped that they have lost the ability to discern between true and false, which allows fraud to run free and unpunished.

If you get to do business with someone, make sure the person you are doing the transaction with is fully informed of the limitations of what you negotiate, even at the risk of losing the sale. When the other party involved in the deal is well informed about what he is buying, if something does not go as expected, it is his responsibility and not yours, because you disclosed everything that was under your knowledge and scope in relation to what was being traded. Always act with honesty and you will see justice shine. This is an easy way to please God and to love our neighbor. To God alone be the glory!


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