Today’s word for July 6, 2011

My feet stand on level ground;
in the great congregation I will praise the LORD.
Psalm 26:12

I can say unequivocally that there is no one who has not found himself in trouble at least once in his lifetime trying to keep balance on a slippery slope. A clay road after a summer shower, a freshly polished floor, a floor where lubricant has been spilled and an icy sidewalk are some areas that we’ve had to walk across and where we may have slipped or suffered a painful fall. Certain terrains consisting mostly mud, sand or snow create challenges to balance or to move safely because our feet easily sink without hitting bottom. All these situations represent serious risks of slip and falls that sometimes we are exposed to.

In our daily walk, we go through situations similar to those described above in which we find it difficult to maintain our righteousness and integrity without slipping or falling. This happens mostly if we decide to rely on opinions and not on convictions. Opinions are erratic or moody ideas that depend heavily on the circumstances and situations in which we find ourselves. Convictions on the other hand are strong and enduring concepts that do not bend to circumstances or difficulties. Do you know the difference between an opinion and a conviction? An opinion is something that you hold while a conviction is something that holds you. Can you now see the difference?

What kind of path are you going through right now? Do you feel safe and strong to overcome all obstacles that arise in your way regardless of how big and difficult they may seem? Will you lean on a firm belief or a capricious opinion when trying to break an impasse or solve a situation? The Lord Jesus is the firm rock where we can rest assured that we are not going to slip or fall. Always lean on him and your walk will be safe and your progress will be steady and solid. Trying to find support on any other person or thing will never give us the strength and the rest we crave. Only on Jesus we can stand up and secure our safety and integrity. To God alone be the glory!


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