Desire without knowledge is not good—
how much more will hasty feet miss the way!
Proverbs 19:2

For many people patience is an unknown virtue. Not that they ignore what patience is, it is just that they have never been able to observe it and practice it in their lives. Our sinful nature seeks immediate gratification and therefore it is not very fond of waiting patiently for anything or anyone. We want everything right here and right now and the world, one of our fiercest enemies, takes advantage of this weakness to make us fall and to stunt our spiritual growth. Usually our enthusiasm is stronger than our common sense and this makes us very impulsive, something that is also used by the world to keep us tied with heavy chains which hinder our progress toward sanctification. The same impulse that drives us to want to immediately reach maturity is what stands in our way to attain it. Therefore, impulsiveness is a bad adviser.

Let us not therefore be carried by our impulses and emotions which will only make us act thoughtlessly. Let us not make hasty decisions but let us set aside the time to properly consider the implications and consequences of our actions. Then, let us proceed cautiously and steadily toward the goal. Soon we will see how patience will help us advance steadily and surely toward the long-awaited spiritual maturity and growth in Christ.To God alone be the glory!

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