The voice

The voice of the LORD strikes
with flashes of lightning.
The voice of the LORD shakes the desert;
 the LORD shakes the Desert of Kadesh.
Psalms 29:7-8

Nature obeys at all times the laws established by God since creation. Weather, in all its forms, behaves according to pre-defined patterns set by the infinite wisdom of God. With all that, when God speaks, creation shakes and reacts to his majestic voice through significant changes in its behavior. If nature, which has no personality reacts this way, how much more should the human race react given that it is God’s most precious creation. However, although there has never been a moment in the history of man when the word of God has been preached as much as it is happening today, man continues to advance in ways that every day is keeps him further away from God. They do not want to know anything that has to do with the Creator. They prefer to believe blindly in the capricious and unpredictable chance, even when they recognize that the universe has a basic set of parameters according to which it functions without exceeding its boundaries. They no longer are impressed by the mysteries of life and the wonders of God’s Holy Spirit as they have been confined to their own corner of the universe where some things work according to their fanciful theories.

As children of God we must seek God’s presence and influence in everything that surrounds us. God’s creation is perfect and meets all the purposes for which it was created. Although we may not fully understand why God allows that so many people are affected by the weather, we must be willing to contribute with everything in our power to help these people return to normal as soon as possible. The love that we show the people affected by the ravages of the weather will also speak with a loud voice to their battered hearts, bringing hope, understanding and the ability to experience the love of God in its entirety. To God alone be the glory!


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