The righteous hate what is false,
but the wicked make themselves a stench
and bring shame on themselves.
Righteousness guards the person of integrity,
but wickedness overthrows the sinner.
Proverbs 13:5

Walking in integrity is good business. When we walk in integrity, justice itself is responsible for protecting us, making our confidence level increase and our fear level decrease. A person of integrity is someone righteous and blameless. His behavior is always adjusted to morality. Greed, pride and deceit are not part of his life and when gets near them he walks away quickly to avoid being contaminated by them. Integrity is stability of character, it is to maintain a firm position and not be swayed by the temptations or evil influences that surround us. Integrity is knowing what is right and doing it, even if we suffer loss or get exposed to danger. Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. The opposite is evil and perversion and evil brings shame, disgrace and ruin.

The foundation of integrity is wisdom and the basis for wisdom is the fear of God. Everything begins with showing respect and obedience at all times to our Creator and Lord. Want to stay always under God’s protection? Seek his word and trust in his holy name. Only God has the power and authority to ensure that nothing bad happens. His ways are the ways of justice and truth. There is no greater pleasure to know that we tread the right path under the real and effective protection of God . May our Lord Jesus Christ be always the focus of our gaze and our thoughts. He is our objective and our hope.To God alone be the glory!


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