Folly and riches

Why should fools have money in hand to buy wisdom,
when they are not able to understand it?
Proverbs 17:16

The fool and the stupid have one thing in common, both have a very distorted view of reality. For starters, they feel they are the center of the universe and everything revolves around their lives. What is not immediate to them is irrelevant because they feel free from external influence and only depend on their own will and act according to their whims. For them, their reality is the only possible reality and those who think differently to them are seen as confused or unintelligent. When they manage to accumulate a certain amount of wealth they try to impose their lifestyle on others who imitate them so foolishly. They would never acknowledge that all they are ─if they are something at all─ they owe to God and not to their own efforts.

They will never be able to get rid of their folly, even with more studying or by hiring expensive consultants. The latter will simply be ignored when their advise is something the fool does not like or does not understand. We as God’s children have access to perfect wisdom that comes from above and is only available to those who respect and obey God. Any decision should be considered carefully and without haste because we run the risk of acting as stupid as those mentioned above. Let us always allow the word of God and His Holy Spirit to guide us along the paths of wisdom and justice with gratitude for the privileged position that we have been elevated to by grace and not by works. Let us act with humility, ever mindful of the dangers that threaten our steps, submitting to God in order to successfully resist any attack of our enemy. This way we will achieve victory over evil. To God alone be the glory!


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