They have no struggles;
their bodies are healthy and strong.
They are free from common human burdens;
they are not plagued by human ills.
Therefore pride is their necklace;
they clothe themselves with violence.
Psalm 73:4-6

One of the favorite weapons of our enemy Satan is suggesting that we should be constantly comparing ourselves with others. We do this all the time with regard to physical attributes, success (as measured by the world), academic achievements, possessions, the vehicle we drive, the clothes we wear, the house in which we dwell, and many other things. Our life becomes a constant comparison and competition for being above others just to satisfy our pride and we end up granting victory to our real enemy. One of the most common causes of depression is the failure to meet the stereotype of beauty or of prosperity. Plastic Surgeons and financial advisors (lay and religious) have lined their pockets with money and have paid their children’s college education with the cash of those people who have paid attention to the almost imperceptible but very effective whispers of the devil.

The only way to break this bond is through constant exposure to the word of God. Only the word of God provides the right perspective to break the union of our will with the false appearance of the world and his followers. Our objectives and goals as children of God are very different from the objectives and goals of the world. Our enemies seek to destroy our lives and if we go by putting more attention to them than to what our Lord Jesus commands us they will achieve their goal of putting an end to our peace, health and happiness. Every time you feel envious or angry because someone has or does something that you can not have or do remember that we are here temporarily and that the true wealth and possessions we have are those that we have accumulated in heaven by means of our obedience to God.  To God alone be the glory!


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