Empty clouds

Like clouds and wind without rain
is one who boasts of gifts never given.
Proverbs 25:14

This year has been marked by unusual weather. While in some places they have seen the worst floods they can remember elsewhere there has been a drought without precedent in the history of weather data collection. Most affected are those who make a livelihood by farming. They would immediately understand today’s verse in light of their painful experiences with the weather. When the sky fills with clouds and the hopes for rain grow in the hearts of those who eagerly await there is nothing that causes more disappointment than to see how the wind carries the clouds to another location before they are relieved of their precious cargo . Likewise, these clouds full of false promises resemble those that boast of how generous and detached they are, although they never give anything to anyone because of their selfishness and stinginess.

Sometimes the failure to keep promises is due to the strong but short enthusiasm with which some of us face the challenges and tasks at hand. If our temperament is like the apostle Peter’s, sanguine, it is very likely that we are always impulsive and restless with everything we have to do to a short time to later fail in the fulfillment of what we intended to accomplish. This would not bring serious consequences if we were the only ones affected by the breach. When our informality affects others, they and our testimony are impacted negatively, something that probably we are not wanting to happen. If we know what are the trends of our dominant temperament let us pause and consider before promising anything. Be that our weakness is manifested by arrogance or personal style, we must be careful to always present a good testimony before others. Let us be transformed by the power of God working in our lives. To God alone be the glory!


2 responses to “Empty clouds

  1. Great post, great picture, and great challenge! We do need to be transformed by the working of God in our lives and allow that to bring him the glory that belongs to him. Doing that is a great witness to non-believers…and shows them the reality of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit more than our words can alone.

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