Yet he gave a command to the skies above
and opened the doors of the heavens;
he rained down manna for the people to eat,
he gave them the grain of heaven.
Human beings ate the bread of angels;
he sent them all the food they could eat.
Psalms 78:23-25

This passage is a great example of the grace of God. It had been recently that the Jewish people had been freed from the brutal slavery to which they were submitted by the Egyptians and not much time had passed since they were witnesses of the great wonders that God made for their freedom and to make way to put them out of the reach of their persecutors. Apart from being God’s chosen people, did they have something special to make them worthy of the privileged treatment that God was giving them? In any case, if anything was clear about this people is that they failed to comply with the covenant God had established with them. To start, they set themselves aside from the teachings received from God himself. Then they forgot about the great wonders that God did for them to get them out of Egypt and finally, they rebelled against the authority of God, casting doubts about his power and testing his ability to provide and protect.

We have also been recipients of God’s wonderful grace and like the Jewish people who made it out of Egypt, we often forget the great things that God has done for us. Building on the popular saying of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” we spend our lives complaining about everything until we make a habit of complaining and we become boring and unbearable because of the many lamentations and complaints coming out of our mouth. When grumbling wants to take control of your life remember the many wonders that God has done for you. I’m sure you’ll have more things to be thankful to God that situations for which to be bitter and pessimistic. God will never abandon you and his grace is incomparable. To God alone be the glory!


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