How long, LORD? Will you hide yourself forever?
How long will your wrath burn like fire?
Psalms 89:46

When misfortune hits us, we see everything with so much pessimism that we think our beloved heavenly Father has forgotten us or simply abandoned us. The joy and the happiness caused by his presence in our lives cease to be the main characteristics of our usual mood and depression and melancholy take ownership of our being to make us flag and adversely affect our thoughts and hopes. Part of the training that we receive to mature in our spiritual life involves moments of loneliness and abandonment. The idea is not to learn to defend ourselves by our own strength but to learn to depend on God and only on him. At such times, our tendency is to seek a solution based on our own experiences and skills. Perhaps this natural response of our being has helped us out of this or that problem in the past but as we have to face more challenges and difficulties, our forces will no longer suffice to come out of trouble successfully.

Although it seems that God has abandoned you, he still is by your side, very close to you. Although it may seem that God has forgotten you, he will never leave you on your own and he will be protecting you from the many darts of fire that the enemy throws at you. The purpose of trial is to bring out the best of your heart, a heart that God has transformed to adequately respond to adversity. Do not let depression keep you from looking up to him who gave you physical life, salvation and eternal life to seek from him the answer to calm your anxieties. Only God can help break out of the difficulties in which you are. Do not put your hopes on methods, people and philosophies. God, our Lord Jesus Christ is Almighty. Only look for and depends on him. To God alone be the glory!


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