Privileges & Responsibilities

Therefore the LORD was angry with his people
and abhorred his inheritance.
He gave them into the hands of the nations,
and their foes ruled over them.
Psalms 106:40-41

A well-known phrase that who knows why, of all possible sources, came out of the famous comic Spider Man (Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said it), says: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Another way of saying it is: “A great privilege implies a great responsibility.” Regardless of where this phrase comes from, it is the whole truth and it is something that we must take into account at all times. The people of Israel received without deserving it, the greatest privilege that God could bestow upon any nation. They and they only were called “my people” by God. Despite their stubbornness and obstinacy, God treated them with grace and mercy at all times. However, Israel failed to appreciate the great privilege that came with being God’s chosen people and they maintained an attitude of rebellion and discontent towards their heavenly Father. God is love but he is also justice and truth, and as a loving father who disciplines his children, he put them under the dominion of pagan empires, who exercised over the people of God a fierce rule.

We, as children of God, must learn from these lessons brought to us by the word of God. Remember that these things happened “to serve as examples and were written for our warning, on whom the culmination of the ages has come.” [1] Let us not imitate the bad example of the people of Israel, which by their stubbornness and rebellion were subjected to the discipline of God. Let us serve God with obedience and humility and let us always practice justice and compassion for our neighbors. To God alone be the glory!

[1] 1 Corinthians 10:11

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