Voice of the Shepherd

let’s swallow them alive, like the grave,
and whole, like those who go down to the pit;
Proverbs 1:12

Many people consider that stealing and killing are the only serious sins. Every other sin is, according to them, something to which God gives little importance. When reminded that we are all sinners and need Jesus Christ, they typically respond, “I’ve never done anything wrong.” Of course, they mean they have never killed anyone or have never robbed a bank. These people would be horrified if someone comes to propose to them to kill somebody . They would also be shocked if someone invites them to participate in a bank robbery. Any other opportunity to do something wrong would not be considered as something reprehensible and they would be willing to participate without worrying much about what God thinks about it. That is why we are so naive when we accept the invitations from the world to do something that does not please God. These invitations are usually adorned and sweetened with false promises of fun, entertainment, satisfaction, fame, power, sex appeal, happiness, wealth, success and things like that. When people receive these invitations they seldom stop to consider whether what they are about to do pleases God or not. That is why the world is in the state it is.

The only voice to which we must pay attention and obedience is the voice of our shepherd and master, Jesus Christ. Like sheep of the flock that the good shepherd grazes and for which he has given his life,  when he goes on ahead of us, we follow him because we recognize his voice. The world does not want us to follow our shepherd but to be attacked by the wolf and to be scattered. The only way to be safe is by keeping ourselves within the herd, attentive to the voice of our shepherd. If we get distracted by listening to the false promises of the world we are in grave danger of going astray. Let us keep ourselves, then, receiving guidance from our teacher every morning as we come to him through reading his word and prayer. If we follow his daily instructions we shall be able to discern the deceptions and traps that the world tends to our feet to make us stumble and fall. Only with the help of Jesus Christ we can do it. To God alone be the glory!

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