My eyes are ever on the LORD,
for only he will release my feet from the snare.
Psalms 25:15

Some species were created with the ability to escape from predators by using defense mechanisms that make them look bigger than they really are. Some fish are able to inflate their bodies becoming larger than the mouth of their predator so it cannot capture them. Some lizards and certain snakes flare out the ruff of skin around their necks to simulate that they are larger or more aggressive thus scaring the attacker. Other fish group themselves in shoals or schools to pretend they are larger than the predator. The same goes for many of the problems we must face in this life. The problems that beset us are usually smaller than they appear to be but this is something that we cannot realize at first and we end up gripped by fear. When faced with inconveniences we are used to react in self-defense and concern and worry is part of the mechanism we use to adapt to a crisis. The problems we have to face seem to be as huge and insurmountable as these animals that pretend to be larger than they really are.

The solution for us lies is not focusing on the problem but on He who is able to get us out of the problem. As children of God we can go to our Father to ask for his protection and help. He is a good Father thus he hears us and saves us from the traps. Let us not waste our time and energy fighting the problems with our own strength. Set your gaze in the right place, or rather in the right person, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As soon as our attention is focused on him, all trouble will move into the background and it will no longer look as fierce as it once did. Jesus Christ is the solution to any problem, large or small. He is the Creator, so that there can be nothing that is superior to him. Let us, therefore, take our difficulties and setbacks to the throne of grace of our Lord. To God alone be the glory!

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