LORD, I wait for you;
you will answer, Lord my God.
For I said, “Do not let them gloat
or exalt themselves over me when my feet slip.”
Psalm 38:15-16

When a musical ensemble, be it a duet or a symphonic orchestra performs a musical piece it is very important to the success and quality of the interpretation that each member of the ensemble does what he should do with his instrument at the precise moment when it is his turn to play. The better the musicians are aligned the better the performance of the musical piece will be and the better one can appreciate what the author wanted to convey when he composed the work. If any of the musicians is not doing his part, according to the musical arrangement, the result is dissonance and failure. Interpreting the concert of the life of the child of God is similar. In this musical performance, in this duet where we play together with the Director of the orchestra and concert soloist, it is our part to wait for God and his part is to answer. In the score we can find instructions on how to execute the piece, with clear indications of when to play, what notes to play, when to be silent, when all the orchestra members play and when it is up to the soloist to perform, the intensity of the notes and the rhythm that was used in the composition, and so on.

Are you following the directions in the score of your life? Or, conversely, you conduct yourself and play with improvisation as you please? Does your performance produce harmony or dissonance? Are you a beginner or an expert musician? Have you agreed with the Director of the orchestra when and how your performance will take place? It is vital that you have answers to these and many other questions related to the quality of execution of the instrument you have been assigned. It is also important that those areas where there are opportunities for improvement are identified and specific actions are implemented so the interpretation of the score is done with excellence. Let us keep attentive to the reading of the Director’s instructions that are found in his word. Soon we’ll see how the quality of sound and harmony is improved in our musical performance. Remember! Our part is to wait for God and his part is to answer. Only to God be the glory!


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