A rebuke impresses a discerning person
more than a hundred lashes a fool.
Proverbs 17:10

There are people who definitely are a hopeless case. Their stupidity is beyond repair. They are people who can not change course or seek alternate routes but who persist in staying the course that their limited reasoning ability makes them think will lead them to the place where they want to be. It never comes to their minds to consider if they are doing the right thing or even consult God before deciding what to do next. Even the beasts of the field are more capable of reasoning to discern what is convenient and what is not. His folly is based on arrogance and therefore they will never accept advice or feel remorse or desire to change course.

The wise, however, can realize the obstacles approaching in their way and they  are able to take preventive action to change course according to the available alternatives. They always want to know the opinion of others, not to blindly follow their advice but to consider the options they have and select the most appropriate route. They always entrust to God all his actions and steps so they are always sure that God will show them the most appropriate way. When rebuked, they consider the feedback as an opportunity to improve their behavior and they are always grateful to those who take the time to evaluate their actions and make a recommendation.

To which of these two groups you think you belong? Are you stubborn and hardheaded and do not like being told how to do things? Or, conversely, you receive the comments of others as a token of the appreciation they feel for you? Do you look at things positively or prefer to see everything with scorn and skepticism? God wants to change your heart but not until you let him because he respects your will. Open your heart to him and leave the way open for him to clean and transform your heart with his love and mercy . Let him give you the wisdom to live with peace and joy and never leave his side. People will realize that now you are wise and prudent and not foolish and obstinate. To God alone be the glory!

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