The wicked desire the stronghold of evildoers,
but the root of the righteous endures.
Proverbs 12:12

Bad people live in trouble all the time but pretend otherwise. They are guided by their sinful nature which causes them numerous setbacks and makes them stumble and fall more often than they would like. Their hearts are filled with evil desires, which can adversely impact them in two different but complementary ways. Firstly the principle of reciprocity cannot be violated and every evil thought they produce becomes a boomerang against them which hits them with the same intensity with which they wish evil to their neighbors. Moreover, bad intentions make the evildoers rationalize their behavior and they end up convinced that the end justifies the means so they will do everything in their hands, usually bad actions, to achieve their goal of harming others, falling deeper in their spiritual failure.

The upright, however, allow their life to be led by the Holy Spirit of God, so they don’t have to worry about reciprocity. On the contrary, their good wishes are a source of continuous blessings for them. Also the Holy Spirit imparts them wisdom and discernment so they can realize immediately whether the actions to be undertaken are good or evil before falling into temptation, giving them time to rectify. How do you live? Want to live afraid that your evil desires result in serious consequences for your life? Or do you let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit to live peaceful and confidently? The choice is yours. Seek the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart and he will give you life and direction. Follow his steps at all times and do not let the carnal nature dominate your thoughts and your behavior. God will give you a firm victory. Only to God be the glory!


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