Destructive pride

Where there is strife, there is pride,
but wisdom is found in those who take advice.
Proverbs 13:10

Pride, that love of oneself is responsible for many of the calamities that we see multiplying throughout the land. Because of haughtiness nations have gone to war. Because of arrogance exemplary homes and solid friendships have been destroyed . Because of pride unity is lost along with all the territory which until then had been conquered. Because of arrogance the evils we are suffering today originated over ten generations ago. The proud man has turned away from God and not only he has turned away from him but he even curses his Creator. Because of vanity people are following today after satanic fashions and philosophies that glorify evil and all that is abominable. Because of pride thousands of souls descend to hell every day. The truth is that we know of nothing good that has ever come out of pride. So far, and we do not see why things will change , pride accompanied by deceit has become the favorite weapon of the enemy to attack and make souls to be lost.

Some people are proud to be wise, but this wisdom is earthly, finite and imperfect. Their knowledge is riddled with errors that their pride will not let them discern. With their mistakes they lead others to believe the same lies they have believed and have led them to spiritual failure. All of us have at some point been dominated by fatal arrogance. We all know the kind of mistakes that pride can lead us to without delay. When, then, we will analyze the direction taken by our march? Where do we sit down and rethink our tortuous path and correct the direction of our steps? Only in the word of God we can find guidance and strength to get rid of this terrible and painful burden called pride. Let us , therefore, constantly go to the source of wisdom that is the word of God and our heavenly Father will grant us the spirit of knowledge. Only to God be the glory!


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