To praise or not to praise? That is the question

Shout for joy to God, all the earth!
Sing the glory of his name;
make his praise glorious.
Psalm 66:1-2

People are most curious. Everybody wants salvation but nobody seeks God and if they seek at all, they seek for a god to suit their wishes. They want to believe that there is a god just as they imagine it to be, with the attributes that in their eyes make it a god and yes, it has to be a god who does not judge or rebuke them when they do something wrong. What they want is a self-serve god. Those who have become millionaires by selling books and duping half the world with these ideas suggest that God can be found in the depths of our being and that all we have to do is to focus by meditation within ourselves until a divine spark or something like that shows up. Any strange feeling associated with this process would demonstrate that we are on the right path to find God.

The world is full of tricksters and charlatans. If someone wants God to dwell within him, he must first invite God to come forward, enter and establish his dwelling in the inner being. Since the creation of the universe God has been knocking on the door of the every heart to ask them to let him come in and live with them. But they have ignored the call of God and have dedicated themselves to create their own philosophies and all kinds of religions to feel they are doing something about it. Some even have allowed God to enter but refuse to recognize and thank him for all that God has done for them. It’s like having a girlfriend to whom you never say she is very pretty and neither you mention to her that she makes you so very happy. I do not think such an engagement has a future at all. We were created for the praise of the glorious grace of God. Do you know what we’ll be doing when we are in the presence of God? We will be praising and worshiping God for eternity. Why wait? Let’s start at once! Only to God be the glory!


One response to “To praise or not to praise? That is the question

  1. I tried to ‘find’ God for many years through various Religions and New Age practices. I finally found God by finding His Son – the man who is Jesus.
    It is so much easier to believe in Jesus: the person of God. He is a real person that lives in me and I in Him. I have a proper relationship with Jesus; I walk, talk and fellowship with Him. It is ONLY in and through Jesus that I know God. And please believe me, I really, sincerely, tried to find God in my previous pursuits. It didn’t work!
    If any reader is searching, give Him a try!
    I now coach folk to find Him and live in His fulness.

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