Dangerous foolishness

Better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs
than a fool bent on folly.
Proverbs 17:12

The vast majority of animals protect their young with unusual violence. They do it by instinct. It is something that is part of their genome and is transmitted from generation to generation. Just a few species use other defensive mechanisms which are also instinctive and are programmed into their DNA as well. We’ve all had the opportunity to observe how animals, domesticated or not, react when someone takes away their puppies. Bears in particular are extremely dangerous and even more when someone fools around with their young. Worse than encountering a bear robbed of her cubs is to have to deal with a fool. Under no circumstance should we descend to the level of stupidity and folly in which these fatal individuals love to move. We have to understand that in spite of the many arguments that we could use against them, they will never budge and will stubbornly remain in their irrational position. They are always looking for confrontation because this is the field where they have an advantage, just because they care little for the outcome of the discussion. They will never concede to those who oppose them, but will defend to the death their folly and ignorance.

Let those who like to foster conflict be visited by the messenger of death as promised and announced by the word of God. Let us avoid conflict with others as far as it is in our hands to prevent it. The Lord Jesus has called us to live in peace. In fact, he is our peace and therefore we should not depart from him to fall into wild provocations . When you see that you’re going to run into a fool, cross the street and continue your way on the opposite sidewalk. You’ll walk a little farther but you will avoid the waste of time and exhaustion that results from arguing with someone who only does it for fun. Look out, if you see a fool get away from him. Do not throw your pearls to the pigs. Only to God be the glory!

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