I am a stranger on earth;
do not hide your commands from me.
Psalm 119:19

One of the strongest industries in the world is that of tourism. Tourists spend large sums of money each year to visit foreign countries and also to do domestic tourism. Most countries in Europe, the United States, China and Mexico are at the top of the list of countries that have generated more revenues for this concept. The number of travelers visiting these countries is measured in millions of people per year and the income they generate is measured in billions of dollars a year. One of the industries that have developed alongside tourism is that of the publication of travel guides. These books, full of information to help you make the most of a short stay in a city or a specific country, sell very well and make one of the most visited sections of bookstores. Can you imagine visiting a country without having defined a well researched plan of visits to museums, historic sites, beautiful architecture and landscapes of breathtaking beauty? Very few tourists would dare to live the adventure of a tourist trip without carrying in their pockets one of these helpful guides.

Surprisingly, many of God’s children pass through this world, of which they are not citizens, without using the ultimate traveler’s guide, the word of God, the Bible. The vast majority of the time we feel so comfortable in this world that we forget that our citizenship is in heaven and that we are just passing through a very large tourist attraction, this world. On top of it, we do not even know anything about the quite interesting things we can do and the most recommended places to visit while we are here to enhance our travel experience. It’s never too late for you to review the travelers guide. You will be surprised to find out the many things you never knew you could do and those that you had to do to make the most of your trip. Therefore, let us begin now to know more about this world and what God expects of us because time is short. You’ll travel with a completely differently perspective than the one you had before. Only to God be the glory!


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