Royal justice

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter;
to search out a matter is the glory of kings.
Proverbs 25:2

One of the basic functions of rulers is to ensure justice. A ruler must possess good judgment to know good from evil and right from wrong. Their work is to investigate the facts and determine how things happened so the judge or court has sufficient information to consider before making a decision to restore justice. Unfortunately rulers are dedicated to building up their power and establish mechanisms that take advantage of loopholes to ensure continuity in power. The supreme law of the country or nation is ignored, trampled or simply broken for submission to the will of the unfair president. This is something that happens all over the globe and is a demonstration of the corruption that permeates that system called the world.

Do you think the world can offer equal or more benefits than what God can give you? Have you been fooled by sweetened and pseudo-righteous messages that only appeal to the emotions of citizens but do nothing to solve the problems of a nation? Have you ever noticed that regardless of the country where you are there will always going to be injustice? ¿Do you aspire to hold leadership positions in the government? Remember that public officials have dual responsibility, first to God and secondly before the people. Make sure you’re obeying the instructions of the Word of God and not the usual tricks of politics so your actions are impeccable and flawless. Ask God for wisdom and obey him in all your ways. You will see justice shine and God’s blessing prosper in your life. Only to God be the glory!


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