Hidden treasure

Her husband has full confidence in her 
and lacks nothing of value.
Proverbs 31:11

Every day I bless God for giving me an exemplary wife. In fact there are few people who can make this claim, not because their wives ares not exemplary but because in general husbands fail to appreciate what God has given them. In the Latino environment, Latin in the broad and true sense of the word, ie all those people whose language comes from the Latin of the Romans, and also in the Anglo-Saxon culture, is very common for men to hold the view that a good woman is one that quietly accepts all the verbal and physical abuse and infidelities committed by the husband; degrading the wife to the level of a beast of burden. For Latino men an exemplary woman is one who identifies with that song from the Colombian singer Shakira, “Blind, deaf and dumb.” This wrong perception of the qualities of the female partner is the cause of innumerable conflicts and disagreements that end up eroding the unity of marriage and its stability over time.

Husbands, I recommend that you take a short time of your busy life to stop and assess the blessing God has granted you through your wives. Like King Lemuel ─another nome de plume of King Solomon, make a list of all the virtues that you can see in your wife and please do not do this hastily but with the hand on your heart and taking all the time that need be. I am sure that after completing the list you will be pleasantly surprised by the accumulation of virtues that your wife owns and which you probably had not appreciated before as a whole. Then give thanks to God and to your wife for being always by your side. Remember that marriage implies that the two of you become one flesh and that together with the help of the main column of your marriage which is Christ the Lord you two build the house that will not fall despite the winds, rains and floods because the house has been built on the rock that is Christ. Only to God be the glory!


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