With so many painful and difficult trials that people have to go through today, the world in general is becoming a rather pessimistic place. We want to offer a word of hope to anybody who is searching for truth, justice and love. If we can lend a hand to bolster your hope, please let us know. We will be more than glad to provide some guidance and support. Only to God be the glory!

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  1. Please pray for our Solomon Gospel Ministries It is our desire to work as much as we can to tech Gospel all over the world. Pray for us so that we can serve needy, widows and orphans.
    We have stared our work with 100 members but to fulfill our vision we need 200 members more. To fulfill our vision we need your support through prayer and guidance. We organize annual evangelistic and teaching meeting. Please pray that God may help us in organizing this meeting and fulfill our financial needs. if you want to preach gospel in Pakistan so you sent your ministry books. We will translate and spread your ministries books in Pakistan. We are serving needy widows, orphans and Sunday school ministry. If you may help trough gift of children and books so you can contact with us and you can work with us

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