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I am like the deaf, who cannot hear,
like the mute, who cannot speak;
I have become like one who does not hear,
whose mouth can offer no reply.
Psalms 38:13-14

Much has been discussed as to what should be the response of the son of God when dealing with an attack. The first thing that comes to mind is the model that the Lord Jesus Christ gave us when he said that the principle of  “eye for eye, and tooth for tooth” was not fair and that turning the other cheek if someone strikes us is the right thing to do. The world did not appreciate this teaching and an eye for an eye is kept alive in many hearts because it is a fundamental part of human nature, treacherous and full of evil. More recently, it was Mahatma Gandhi who said the famous and witty phrase “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind,” but humanity has not paid much attention to him either.

The biblical model of response to aggression is to make ourselves deaf and not hear the insults that are thrown at us or pay attention to the insults that are hurled at us and make ourselves dumb so we do not respond to these insults with more offenses. Although this teaching is similar to the eastern representation called “The Three Wise Monkeys” it is not interpreted in the same way as  the Japanese do who have established it as a kind of ethical principle and “Golden Rule.” While this latter idea is not the same to the biblical principle ─ though the word of God has many instructions from which the maximum can be inferred ─ the Japanese use of the three primates serves as a nice illustration of what should be our attitude toward the attacks of Satan and the world.

So when someone insults you, remember the three monkeys and keep silent and ignore the aggression. Remember that revenge and retribution belongs to God and that he will not ignore the affront to which you were subjected. Do not get carried away by emotions of anger and the desire to retaliate unworthily. Put your hope in God and he will answer for you. Let us follow the example that our Lord Jesus Christ left us. To God alone be the glory!