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Unacceptable indifference

The righteous detest the dishonest;
the wicked detest the upright.
Proverbs 29:27

Many people think that the children of God must stand silent and not express their opinion about the evil deeds with which the wicked have filled the world. However, there are many things that are non-negotiable for the son God because God does not accept compromises. One of these things that God does not tolerate is injustice. The wicked, on the other hand, rejoice in injustice and make it their favorite tool when it comes to exercise and abuse the power with which the world has rewarded them for their wrongdoings. For the Son of God all evidence of injustice and evil must be rejected and condemned and the perpetrators must be rebuked publicly. Many become discouraged because most of the time their complaints do not produce the expected results. We must understand that the world is under the control of evil and evil will always take precedence and it will remain so until the Lord Jesus Christ returns and puts an end to all evil.

The child of God should feel angry when faced with injustice. His response to evil cannot be cold indifference or cowardly flight. Popular wisdom tell us that “Silence speaks volumes”, so if we remain silent to injustice we are in fact accepting and approving it and that is not pleasing to our heavenly Father. If the presence of evil does not cause repulsion to you, your life is not being controlled by the Holy Spirit of God and you run the risk of eventually committing the same injustices to which you remain silent today. May the reason for our daily prayer be to be guided by the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to our spirit and the word of God, engraved in our hearts pointing the right way. Remaining silent is not an option. As children of God must proclaim and defend justice and truth. To God alone be the glory!