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From grumbling to praise

Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story—
those he redeemed from the hand of the foe,
those he gathered from the lands,
from east and west, from north and south.
Psalm 107:2-3

On the lips of the children of God there must always be a word of thanksgiving for all the good that God has bestowed upon us. The grace and mercy of God became effective in the life of each one of us and that’s more than enough reason to always be grateful and satisfied with what we are and have. If so, then why do we sometimes feel as if we had been dealt the worst hand? Why doesn’t our heart overflow with joy at all times because of the kindness and blessings that God has given us? Why our mood flags and sometimes we feel as if we were defeated and tired? There are two or three things that exert a strong influence on how we feel every day. One is our sinful nature that leads us to listen to the messages of the world and the tares of the enemy instead of awaiting the promises contained in the word of God. When we listen to what the world tells us we find that do not meet the criteria of what the world considers as successful and we are frustrated because our whole effort has been wasted.

On the other hand we have that we rely heavily on our own strength and therefore underestimate the power of God in our lives. When relying on our power we are heading quickly towards failure because the vast majority of problems and things cannot be solved by ourselves. Third is our limited attention span, which is the ability that we need to focus on a task without being distracted by the environment. This limited attention span reduces the time we need to devote to studying God’s word. With these three powerful influences acting negatively in our daily lives it should not be surprising then that joy and satisfaction are not part of our ongoing mood. Let us identify those negative forces that want to take away the joy and let us fight with persistence its influence on our lives by regularly immersing ourselves into the reading and study of the wonderful gift of God’s word. We’ll see how our mood changes from sadness to joy and from grumbling to praise. To God alone be the glory!

Privileges & Responsibilities

Therefore the LORD was angry with his people
and abhorred his inheritance.
He gave them into the hands of the nations,
and their foes ruled over them.
Psalms 106:40-41

A well-known phrase that who knows why, of all possible sources, came out of the famous comic Spider Man (Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said it), says: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Another way of saying it is: “A great privilege implies a great responsibility.” Regardless of where this phrase comes from, it is the whole truth and it is something that we must take into account at all times. The people of Israel received without deserving it, the greatest privilege that God could bestow upon any nation. They and they only were called “my people” by God. Despite their stubbornness and obstinacy, God treated them with grace and mercy at all times. However, Israel failed to appreciate the great privilege that came with being God’s chosen people and they maintained an attitude of rebellion and discontent towards their heavenly Father. God is love but he is also justice and truth, and as a loving father who disciplines his children, he put them under the dominion of pagan empires, who exercised over the people of God a fierce rule.

We, as children of God, must learn from these lessons brought to us by the word of God. Remember that these things happened “to serve as examples and were written for our warning, on whom the culmination of the ages has come.” [1] Let us not imitate the bad example of the people of Israel, which by their stubbornness and rebellion were subjected to the discipline of God. Let us serve God with obedience and humility and let us always practice justice and compassion for our neighbors. To God alone be the glory!

[1] 1 Corinthians 10:11

Divine vengeance

The Lord says, “I will bring them from Bashan;
I will bring them from the depths of the sea,
 that your feet may wade in the blood of your foes,
while the tongues of your dogs have their share.”
Psalms 68:22-23

To imagine a battle where the abundant shed blood of the defeated  soaks the feet of the victorious is a hard thing to accomplish especially for those of us who have had the fortune of not having been involved in any kind of conflict. But these horrific scenes will be witnessed by those involved in that final battle where the foes of Israel shall find their punishment and their end. For centuries these nations and Peoples have been accumulating the wrath of God upon their heads and in this final battle God will pour on them all the weight of his divine justice. In that day the promises of Psalm 58 will come to pass  «The righteous will be glad when they are avenged, when they dip their feet in the blood of the wicked. Then people will say, “Surely the righteous still are rewarded; surely there is a God who judges the earth.”»

Vengeance belongs to the Lord and he will not ignore the attacks and insults that these enemy nations and Peoples have carried out for many years against the people of God. God promises that he will manifest his glory among the nations. They will all see how God judges and punishes, and from that day, the holy people will know that Adonai is the Lord their God. Do you find yourself under attack by a wicked enemy? The actions of these villains are accumulating against them and when the time is ripe the King of kings and Lord of lords will come against  them to enforce his divine justice and to pour his wrath upon the nations. From that moment the world will know the real meaning of true peace. To God alone be the glory!

Under attack

LORD, how many are my foes!
How many rise up against me!
Many are saying of me,
“God will not deliver him.”
Psalms 3:1-2

Even in the wildest of the animal kingdom you can find a species that scorns its prey after capturing it. Perhaps there is an exception, man. Only man can devise hanging in the gallows for public spectacle someone who has been killed by firing squad. Or as the mythical Achilles dishonored the corpse of his battle-hardened contender Hector, which he tied to his chariot by his feet and dragged his head on the dust of the plain of Troy. The enemy of our souls uses a curious but effective strategy against us. First we are tempted with crafty lures of sweet rewards to make us stray from the straight path that we must stay on and then he subjects us to public ridicule for having failed the commitment we have established with our heavenly Father. With scorn and cruelty he enjoys our temporary defeat and our shame paralyzes us and prevents us from returning in repentance to our merciful Father. He also plants in our mind seeds of doubt about our salvation, making us believe that all is lost forever.

The reality is that he has already been defeated by our Lord Jesus Christ and if he still has power with which to hurt us it is because of our own disbelief that we let him have an open way to take advantage of us. Let us not be lured by false promises and his clever schemes. Firmly resist him with the knowledge and certainty that he is already defeated and that he no longer has neither power nor authority over our lives. The King of kings and Lord of Lords has defeated sin and death and we’re no longer subject to condemnation. Let us rejoice therefore in the liberty and salvation that has been granted to us by our Heavenly Father through the merits of our beloved Lord Jesus. To God alone be the glory!