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Today’s word 3-2-2011

like a lion in cover he lies in wait.
He lies in wait to catch the helpless;
he catches the helpless and drags them off in his net.
His victims are crushed, they collapse;
they fall under his strength.
He says to himself, “God will never notice;
he covers his face and never sees.”
Psalms 10:9-11

There is a group of people who do not rule out completely that God exists, rather, they do not rule out the possibility that God exists. They believe that since it can not be proven by the scientific method that God exists, it can neither be proven that God does not exist and therefore, they rather live in doubt. They never end up deciding if they are atheists or theists. These people swim between two waters and never assume either position. In fact, they rather wait until the last moment of their lives to make a decision, unfortunately, when it will be too late. Sometimes they say: “It is possible that God exists, but how I can know for sure?” This kind of attitude and skepticism regarding the existence of God fits very well with the postmodern thought that has been promoted with much success in these current times of globalization. For them, what God has revealed through His prophets, His written Word and his Living Word has no validity.

To assume this middle of the road position carries a high risk of failing to receive the forgiveness of God for salvation. They are putting their eternal state in danger and might never leave the state of condemnation in which they live. We must act with great compassion toward these people and pray to the Father for opportunities for us to present the testimony of the gospel to them. Remember, the Holy Spirit is responsible for their conversion. Let us take into account that the people we deal with daily have different points of view and if it is not through us, how would they know that they need to invoke the name of the Lord to be saved? Here’s an interesting challenge for today. Act according to what the Holy Spirit tells you and fulfill the work that has been entrusted to you. To God alone be the glory!