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Today’s word for April 21, 2011

Hear my prayer, LORD;
let my cry for help come to you.
Psalms 102:1

Why is it so hard for us, and so often, to say a prayer as soon as we see signs that something is wrong? We believe that our issues are not important enough to “bother” God with them or we think that we have the ability to work things out on our own and therefore we should not “bother” God with trifles that we can solve ourselves. Either way, when we use these excuses, we are paying heed to the wiles of Satan and not to the wise guidance of God. First, God is deeply interested in every detail of our lives, however trivial it may seem to us. We must remember that we were bought with a price and that the innocent blood of our Lord Jesus that was paid for our redemption is invaluable. So God cares about every one of his children with the same attention or more than what is given to an only child. On the other hand, we recognize that the times we’ve tried to work things out on our own we have ended up making things worse than they were. This does not mean we should use the strategy of the lazy and comfortable guy, who never does anything to ensure that nothing is done wrong. Those who never do anything never do anything right either.

Nor can we think that God is there like a genie willing to grant three wishes whenever we choose to rub a lamp as the one found by the well-known Aladdin from A Thousand and One Nights. Additionally, fear also blocks us our reasoning and makes us forget that we must pray and we must also act. When the Egyptian army was coming dangerously close to the people of God coming out of Egypt, who were trapped against the sea without possibility of escape, Moses cried out to God and God answered: “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on. Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground.” The key here is that prayer is useful not only to ask God for help in times of need but also to communicate with him under any circumstances in which we find ourselves. Personal action combined with communication with God by faith is the team that achieves the impossible. To God alone be the glory!

Today’s word 3-15-2011

Long may he live!
May gold from Sheba be given him.
May people ever pray for him
and bless him all day long.
Psalms 72:15

Ever since the government of the nations has been the responsibility of man, things have been managed by means of violence or threats of violence. The only thing maintaining the peace, in many cases, is the latent possibility of conflict that makes people ─brothers or not─ refrain from going to war in order to avoid the high financial and human costs involved. The resulting peace is always unstable and the relationships between people or, rather, between their governments will always be full of suspicion, fear and distrust. How different will things be when our Lord Jesus Christ returns to claim his throne as King of kings and Lord of lords! That day, all nations of the earth shall humble under his majesty and authority. Nothing will be accomplished through violence because everybody will live in harmony under the supreme command of the just and loving Creator. Praise and worship will be the order of the day and every knee shall bow and every tongue shall acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Let us look forward to that glorious day when our beloved Savior will return for his church and later descend from heaven, accompanied by his righteous army; to rule with justice and fairness to all nations. Let’s keep this hope alive so we can await with patience the return of the great King. He reigns! To God alone be the glory!