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Do not envy the violent
or choose any of their ways.
For the LORD detests the perverse
but takes the upright into his confidence.
Proverbs 3:31-32

One of the things that the world has been very successful at is the glorification of the anti-values. It is not surprising to see how humanity in general is rampant in a suicidal career to accumulate goods and money as if it were the demonstration of having achieved success in their lives. Slowly but surely, the world moves from an ambiguous postmodernism to a rather clear inversionism where everything good is replaced by what until now had been considered unworthy. Where postmodernism tried to expand the possibilities to reach God in various ways (something impossible to do by any way by the way) inversionism intends to establish atheism as the truth. The arts, especially music, have taken paths of chaos and bad taste that our young people absorb as the most sublime. Peace is replaced with violence manifested in the rise of drug trafficking, wars and killings. I often wonder if the increase in drug trafficking that is observed in some Latin American countries is not a component of the vaunted asymmetric warfare whose aim would be to saturate the market with abundant supply of drugs to destroy the society of the United States from the inside.

Look around you. The current culture is materialistic, selfish, epicurean, focused on the immediate, always in search for the grotesque and confrontational. Those who think that in this manner they are going to achieve peace, security and progress are totally wrong. Let us not be drawn into the world and its empty promises. There is no greater treasure than to count on the good will of God. The trials and persecutions will allow us to refine our character so all we need is to have an ever stronger relationship with the Lord Jesus. With our spirit transformed and aligned with the Spirit of God we can advance through any trial or difficulty. To God alone be the glory!

Ethics 101

Do not plot harm against your neighbor,
who lives trustfully near you.
Do not accuse anyone for no reason—
when they have done you no harm.
Proverbs 3:29-30

One of the benefits of having the wisdom that comes from above is that decisions can be made in light of a clear and well-defined ethics. The advantage of this is that as human beings we find it very easy to rationalize any decision we make be it good or bad. In everything we do we find a justification and Presto! our bad decisions cease to bother our conscience. That’s why so many people have trouble recognizing that they have sinned when confronted by the reality of the gospel of Christ. Our ability to find a loophole to any idea or thought that involves submission or obedience to an ethical or legal principle is huge, especially now that postmodernism has opened the doors wide open to ambiguity. We know that defrauding your neighbor is a highly questionable behavior but when we do, we can easily find plenty of reasons to give legitimacy to our bad actions.

The difference between wisdom from above and earthly wisdom is so obvious. The first seeks to do the right thing while the second does what she wants, no matter if it’s good or bad and then justifies it. The wisdom from above allows the possessor to walk in the fear of God. Reverence, that is respect and obedience to God is the foundation of the fear of God and is the basis of knowledge and heavenly wisdom. Let us recognize the limitations that as humans we have to make good decisions and let us act according to the direction we can receive directly from God through his Word. Only then can we be sure we are doing the right thing.To God alone be the glory!

Today’s word for July 3, 2011

By wisdom the LORD laid the earth’s foundations,
by understanding he set the heavens in place;
by his knowledge the watery depths were divided,
and the clouds let drop the dew.
Proverbs 3:19-20

The French philosopher Voltaire when asked about his position in regards to the existence of God said: “The universe disconcerts me and I can not imagine that this watch exists without a watchmaker.” This statement becomes more valuable when we understand that Voltaire was not a person that we would call a “believer” in the strict sense of the word. The attacks on schools of thought and all those who believe that God exists have increased since the atheist activists began to rely on the doctrines of Positivism and Postmodernism. Atheist activism has reached the point of hiring advertising space on billboards and on the sides of buses to present their arguments to the common people and win adherents. They are truly engaged in a propaganda campaign. Do they think that if they become a majority they will be able to demonstrate that God does not exist? It’s hard to know which arguments are hiding behind their communication strategies. The truth is that years of scientific advances have failed to prove any of their wild theories about life or the origin of man or the origin of the universe.

Clearly it is impossible for a marvelous and disconcerting structure as the universe to have arisen from nothing without the intervention of a Supreme Being who ordered its creation. It is even more impossible that the miracle of life has occurred without the direct and exclusive order of the Creator. No wonder Voltaire was baffled. Although by definition atheists do not believe in any kind of god, they have a god called chance. Pride prevents them from recognizing that they are wrong in their fanciful theories about life and the universe. They stubbornly continue to insist that everything is due to chance but do not explain how. The word of God tells us that the universe and life were created by God. It also tells us that God made all things with wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. I do not think that chance has any of these capabilities. Let us rejoice in the creation and most importantly, let us rejoice in the Creator because that’s why we were created for. To God alone be the glory!

Today’s word for June 3, 2011

My son, do not let wisdom and understanding out of your sight,
preserve sound judgment and discretion;
they will be life for you,
an ornament to grace your neck.
Then you will go on your way in safety,
and your foot will not stumble.
Proverbs 3:21-23

There are people who spend a lifetime trying to achieve something that is completely out of their reach. Some of these unattainable goals are justifiable, for example, homeownership. Other goals are mere wishes and whims that, not being obtained, end up becoming an obsession which with time could turn into psychosis. The mind of the vast majority of people is controlled by personal ambitions and, in their efforts to achieve what they have imagined they can obtain, they end up reasoning that the end justifies the means and thus are capable of doing anything is to meet their wishes. Few indeed are those who wish to have sound judgment and discretion. Very few people are aware of the benefits of acting at all times according to reason and moderation.

These rare virtues are, as the word of God says, a source of life. A person with good sense rarely acts in ways that put his life at grave risk. He will reason and analyze the different courses of action available to him and will choose the one that is most convenient and beneficial, both for him and others. His good name will be preceding him everywhere he goes and it will open doors that are normally completely shut to those who act recklessly. His analytical capabilities will allow him to be aware, well in advance, of the obstacles that lie ahead on the road and they will also allow him to determine preventive and corrective actions to overcome these obstacles without much effort. He will be able to control and minimize the human propensity to make mistakes by means of a reasoned analysis of the pros and cons of possible courses of action, in light of what he has learned from the word of God.

Are you aware of the many benefits it brings to act with wisdom and discretion? Would you like to have these profitable virtues? Only God can give you the true wisdom that allows you to act sensibly and prudently at all times and under all circumstances. James, the brother of the Lord Jesus said “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” So ask! To God alone be the glory!

Today’s word for May 3, 2011

She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her;
those who hold her fast will be blessed.
Proverbs 3:18

With regard to wisdom, people can be classified into four broad categories. Within the first category that comprises those who know they know we can find two sub-groups. The first sub-group consists of those who feel pride and self-conceit of belonging to this category. These are the majority and in fact, because of their pride, they are not as wise as they seem to be. To the other sub-group belong the select few that are truly wise. The second group might be called the Socratic, i.e. those that agree with the Greek philosopher Socrates who coined the well known phrase: “All I know is that I know nothing.” Here we can find two sub-groups, those who are aware that they know nothing but continue to seek a higher level of wisdom and the other sub-group that agglomerates those who do not care to know that they know nothing. A third group consists of those who know they know, i.e. those who have much wisdom but it has not helped them to realize that they possess it. These are people who usually are happy to have gotten as far as where they have come and have no motivation to further increase their knowledge or wisdom. Finally, at the end of the pipeline we find those who do not know that they do not know. They tend to be extremely bold and they do not mind casting stupid expressions all the time because they never know what they are talking about. To these the apostle Paul said: “Those who think they know something do not yet know as they ought to know.” Do you know which category you belong to?

True wisdom comes from above, from God. Through it we know the true purpose of our lives and we can put into practice the talents that we have been entrusted with for the benefit of others. Wisdom is the source of true happiness and it is also more profitable than wealth, which after all is transient and insecure. Only wisdom can provide true and lasting peace and it can only be found in the fear (respect and obedience) of the Lord. To God alone be the glory!

Today’s word for April 3, 2011

Long life is in her right hand;
in her left hand are riches and honor.
Her ways are pleasant ways,
and all her paths are peace.
Proverbs 3:16-17

If all the riches of the world were to be distributed among all people of the earth, there would not be enough money to make everybody a millionaire. In fact, everybody would be poor. Not so if what were to be distributed was wisdom. The source of wisdom is inexhaustible; there is much more than enough to go around. To gain wisdom is something relatively easy to accomplish, in fact, too simple. However, very few are wise despite the abundance of wisdom that is available for all. We have said it before: fear of the Lord is the key to wisdom. We have also said that to have fear of the Lord does not mean that we need to be afraid of Him but that we must show reverential respect and obedience towards Him. To understand what the fear of the Lord is, we need to be able to communicate with him. To be able to communicate with Him, we need to know Him and to have a relationship with Him. Only one thing stands in our way to prevent the above mentioned steps to happen: sin, which blocks all possibility of communication with God because it separates us from Him. In Jesus we can find the solution to this quandary, because He took upon Himself all the sins of the world so every obstacle preventing us from having access to the Father would be removed and we could have a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. How easy and yet how difficult it is for man to understand these things!

Now we, who have had the privilege of knowing God, let our lives be full of the fear of the Lord so we may receive wisdom from above and so we may partake of all the benefits it entrails. Then, we will live long lives full of honor and riches, walking along pleasant ways, enjoying peace and all other benefits that come along with it. Let us share with others what Jesus has done for us so they may also have access to the blessing of being made children of God and the privilege of walking down peaceful and joyful paths. There is more than plenty of wisdom from above for all who come to Jesus! Only to God be the glory!