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Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes
will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.
Proverbs 29:1

Disobedience is something extremely dangerous. But worse is to show defiance and pride when one is reprimanded. You can have lots of knowledge but if you do not have humility to admit mistakes, especially when it is others who see your faults, yours is nothing but a complete lack of wisdom. Rejecting a rebuke is but a vulgar show of the pride that nests in the depths of our hearts. This pride is a sign that we do not want to walk in the fear of God. By contrast, arrogance is what separates us from the path of life to lead us into the footsteps of doom. Some modern philosophies and others which are not so modern teach that we must listen to our hearts. This really only applies if ours is a heart transformed by God. Otherwise, we would end up being guided by our sinful nature which opposes God and everything that has to do with His authority.

Have you been rebuked recently by something you know you’re doing wrong? How did you respond to the warning? Did you accept it willingly or else turned it down to go along with the pride of your heart? Only God is perfect. No one else is. So it is more likely that we commit many faults. The idea is that we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us through the transformation by the renewing of our mind and the wisdom that only he can give us to learn how to make fewer mistakes every day. The recognition of our mistakes is the first step toward transforming our lives, for how to correct what we think we are doing right? Always seek God’s guidance through His word and heed the rebuke that comes from those who truly love us. Only to God be the glory!


A rebuke impresses a discerning person
more than a hundred lashes a fool.
Proverbs 17:10

There are people who definitely are a hopeless case. Their stupidity is beyond repair. They are people who can not change course or seek alternate routes but who persist in staying the course that their limited reasoning ability makes them think will lead them to the place where they want to be. It never comes to their minds to consider if they are doing the right thing or even consult God before deciding what to do next. Even the beasts of the field are more capable of reasoning to discern what is convenient and what is not. His folly is based on arrogance and therefore they will never accept advice or feel remorse or desire to change course.

The wise, however, can realize the obstacles approaching in their way and they  are able to take preventive action to change course according to the available alternatives. They always want to know the opinion of others, not to blindly follow their advice but to consider the options they have and select the most appropriate route. They always entrust to God all his actions and steps so they are always sure that God will show them the most appropriate way. When rebuked, they consider the feedback as an opportunity to improve their behavior and they are always grateful to those who take the time to evaluate their actions and make a recommendation.

To which of these two groups you think you belong? Are you stubborn and hardheaded and do not like being told how to do things? Or, conversely, you receive the comments of others as a token of the appreciation they feel for you? Do you look at things positively or prefer to see everything with scorn and skepticism? God wants to change your heart but not until you let him because he respects your will. Open your heart to him and leave the way open for him to clean and transform your heart with his love and mercy . Let him give you the wisdom to live with peace and joy and never leave his side. People will realize that now you are wise and prudent and not foolish and obstinate. To God alone be the glory!


But at your rebuke the waters fled,
at the sound of your thunder they took to flight;
they flowed over the mountains,
they went down into the valleys,
to the place you assigned for them.
You set a boundary they cannot cross;
never again will they cover the earth.
Psalm 104:7-9

There are two ways to interpret the actions that occur in the passage under consideration depending on how verse 6 is translated from the original Hebrew to English. One version tells us that the waters rose over the mountains and descended into the valleys, which could be an allusion to the hydrological cycle and the other way to translate this verse tells us that the mountains rose and valleys descended probably referring to the orogenic processes by which the mountain ranges took the shape we see today in many parts of the world. It does not matter if King David was talking about hydrology or orogeny since the message of the passage is the authority and dominion of God over his creation, regardless of the manner in which things take place. Both physical processes are among the many tools available to God to create and transform creation. As the Master Teacher, he has at his disposal brushes, spatulas, canvas, oils, acrylics, watercolors, crayons, pastels, charcoals, and so to shape his masterpiece.

He who has the power to create a universe of universes with dimensions and shapes that we are unable to understand is the same one that has sought us to be his children. He is the same one that speaks to our hearts by his word in a language that only our heart can understand. With God nothing is impossible. His wishes are commands to creation and creation joyfully obeys without questioning and without delay. There is not a single problem in the world that God can not solve. If you really need something that looks impossible to achieve or accomplish, take it to God in prayer and let him act. Put your trust in the One who will not disappoint you nor forsake you. Come to the Lord Jesus and you will have everything you really need. To God alone be the glory!

Today’s word for June 30, 2011

Every word of God is flawless;
he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
Do not add to his words,
or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.
Proverbs 30:5-6

Those who have placed their trust in the promises contained in the word of God are first hand witnesses that the word has never disappointed them. The word of God has always proven to be true and trustworthy. A modern version of Scripture says that “every word of God has stood the test of fire.” If something has gone wrong for someone who has put his faith in the word of God, it is likely that the cause of this failure is due to inappropriate attitude or wrong purposes. When the vast majority of people buy a new device, electrical or mechanical, they hardly take a look at the manual of operation thinking that they do not need to read the instructions and warnings in the manual because the operation of the device in question is very simple and well known. There have been many cases in which the incorrect operation of a device has resulted in harm to the user or destruction of the utensil. The same goes for humans. The Bible is the manual operation of man. Those who ignore, intentionally or unintentionally, the instructions compiled in this book for the benefit of mankind end up hurting themselves or those around them.

Do you live your life according to the principles contained in the word of God? Do you consult daily on the Word of God which path to take and what attitude to present toward life? Do you go along with the influences of a world that only seeks to destroy you and your loved ones? You know what the Lord expects of you? Ignoring the decrees and teachings of the Word of God can lead you to material and spiritual ruin. Why ignore the promises that have proven reliable again and again? Do not ignore or twist the meaning of the teachings God has prepared for us and has given us through his trusty word. Doing so involves serious risk. Trust in God and his word and never be disappointed. To God alone be the glory!

Today’s word 3-13-2011

A wise son heeds his father’s instruction,
but a mocker does not respond to rebukes.
Proverbs 13:1

Most ─if not all─ of those who read these thoughts are adults who, understandably, are no longer under the authority of their parents. However, if and when they accepted Christ as Lord and Savior they were placed under the authority of the King of kings and Lord of lords; so they need, as children, to be subject to the direction, care and discipline of our loving Father. Failure to recognize our position before the Father puts us in a dangerous path. In times past when people acted differently to what they claimed they believed, they were called a hypocrite. Today, when someone behaves that way, it is said that he/she is an open minded person. This is a good example of a couple of the many problems that postmodernism has brought us, ambiguity and confusion.

Let us not deceive ourselves or act as hypocrites. God is our Father and our authority. Neglecting his correction makes us stupid and insolent, two things that our Father will not tolerate and that He will continue to correct in our lives by using different methods to achieve His wise goals. Let us recognize our responsibility as the adults we are and let us position ourselves under the mighty hand of God. Obedience is the key to success in the life of a child of God. Walking the path of obedience always will bring us to a pleasant destination. To God alone be the glory!

Today’s word 2-27-2011

Better is open rebuke
than hidden love.
Wounds from a friend can be trusted,
but an enemy multiplies kisses.
Proverbs 27:5-6

Here we have two fundamental aspects of human relationships, honesty and trust. These two aspects are closely intertwined and without one there cannot be much of the other. Now, what is most commonly seen in personal interactions is the opposite of these two behaviors. Typically, we see how people treat one another with dishonesty and mistrust. The dishonesty comes from our sinful and carnal nature and also from the seed of lying that the enemy has planted in our minds. Many times we conceal our true feelings to pretend that all is well in a relationship. This is but a lie disguised as tolerance that eventually becomes unmanageable and ends up in an outburst of incalculable consequences. Mistrust stems from our own experiences and the methods used by our parents to bring us up. We were taught to be individualistic, not to trust each other because our merits could be stolen, etc.

The solution is not, of course, to trust everyone or to say to anybody the first thing that goes through our minds. As rational beings, we must act with caution and be careful not to offend the sensibilities of others. You have to express your feelings, but you must know how to mention a concern and when to mention it. We must not keep in our heart disagreements and misunderstandings, especially among friends. When these things are accumulated, they end up becoming a bitter root. Let us seek the solution in the transforming power of Christ, who teaches us how to act properly with our neighbor. Let us seek support in the loving arms of our Lord and let us be transformed by the renewing of our mind under the power of God. To God alone be the glory!