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Dangerous emotions

Fools give full vent to their rage,
but the wise bring calm in the end.
Proverbs 29:11

Human beings were created with emotions. They exert powerful influences on our actions and are responsible, when repressed, for some serious health problems. Hence, it is important that we can control them to avoid the terrible consequences that a decision made from the guts may bring or the negative effects they produce on the health of those who repress them. Some emotions are highly desired such as joy, tenderness or the feeling of euphoria brought by the adrenaline rush that occurs in those who are exposed to high-risk situations. Other emotions are unpleasant such as sadness, fear and anger. The vast majority of people act under the influence of emotions and many of the problems encountered daily in interpersonal relations are the result of this behavior. Emotions are bad counselors.

A child of God, on the contrary should act based on reason and not in any case depend on the circumstances surrounding him, circumstances that are ultimately what stimulate the emotions of the individual. If we study the lives of biblical characters such as Abraham, Joseph, Job, Paul and the Lord Jesus, we can clearly see how important it is to learn not to be guided by emotions to carry out the obedience required of us. This does not mean we’re going to completely suppress all emotion and that we will act like robots who have no way of expressing feelings. Emotions and feelings are a gift from God that we must learn to manage in order to be good stewards of the Lord. Take care, then, of not getting caught up in them and always reason thoroughly before making any decisions, especially those that need to be taken to attend to something urgent. To God alone be the glory!