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Provision guaranteed

The LORD does not let the righteous go hungry,
but he thwarts the craving of the wicked.
Proverbs 10:3

Many evil people, not necessarily atheists or agnostics, justify their evil deeds because they supposedly have been done to ensure the welfare of their loved ones. Of course, this is just a demonstration of the pride that reigns in their hearts that makes them think that their loved ones should have more privileges than the rest of humanity. Protected by this false justification they oppress their neighbors and they find ways to place their relatives in strategic positions that guarantee them a high standard of living even if they do not have the skills necessary to fulfill the assigned duties, thus leading them to live in corruption . In order not to feel alone in their spiritual mediocrity they advise others to think the same way they do and say things like, “If it is to feed your children, stealing is not bad.” These people say these things because their crass ignorance keeps them from realizing that all we are, or have received comes from the generous hand of God. Those who justify a bad action will stop at nothing to justify any other wrongdoing. If stealing is not wrong then lying, greed, hate, getting carried away by low passions and killing is not bad.

Let us be clear, nothing, absolutely nothing can justify a sin. The Lord does not need to use lies to carry out his plans and he will not either because this would go against his holiness, honor, glory and existence. As children of God we are constantly going through certain situations whose purpose is largely to learn to trust fully in God. Trying to get out of those situations by means of sin is like copying or cheating on an exam. Can anyone be proud to have gotten high marks in an academic test as a result of a dishonest action? Only evil heart may think so. Let us learn how to depend on God in every situation. If we do we will be serving and pleasing God and he will honor us. Otherwise we will only be giving a bad example and many will take advantage of our failures to discredit God, as if this were possible. God is not too far to save. Only to God be the glory!

Timely justice

Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished,
but those who are righteous will go free.
Proverbs 11:21

Everyone would like to live in a world controlled by justice but only to the extent that justice is not applied to them. All of us demand that the law is applied to its full extent but do not like it when the law is enforced upon us. Today’s world is but a reflection of these ideas that are present in every culture and nation because they are part of the sinful nature of man. That is why in the world can never find justice that prevails and happiness for everyone. However, although global justice is violated in many ways, on the spiritual realm there is a justice that cannot be violated or avoided. We are talking about divine justice. This is a justice which are not used to and when we have seen it applied it amazes some people and many even deny it because they can not understand it. In the narratives of the Bible that show this justice in action, some see a vengeful and cruel God and it is very difficult for them to accept that God is the same God who speaks of love. Because of their inability to understand that God is both love and justice numerous heresies have come about, including that of the Gnostics and also ideas such as the widely known but false Eastern dualism and its balance of yin and yang.

As children of God we must see justice as a hope because God’s time not our time. His “Kairos” is not our “kronos” and his thoughts are far above ours. We long for justice, we want to see it in action, but God will not apply it until he sees fit. Conventional wisdom puts it this way: “God delays but does not forget.” Meanwhile, we live with the conviction that his justice will soon come and it cannot be avoided. The wicked will receive their just retribution and the just will receive recognition from God. Love and Justice will converge in one point, the person of Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords. Only to God be the glory!

Crooked paths

[Wisdom will save you from men]…
who delight in doing wrong
and rejoice in the perverseness of evil,
whose paths are crooked
and who are devious in their ways.
Proverbs 2:14-15

The way of the wicked is laid out very near the path of the righteous but leads to a very different destination. Its proximity to the path of truth makes it easy sometimes for those who walk the path of the righteous to get confused, forget about their goal and stray into the path of wickedness. Fortunately for the children of God the path of evil shows situations that when analyzed with the wisdom that God has granted to their children allow the wanderer to realize his error and return promptly to his rightful path as a child of God. The wisdom that God gives us through reading his reliable word serves, therefore, as a guide and guardian to helps us stay the course without turning. It also frees us from falling into the traps and pits that can be found in excess on the road to perdition.

Let us therefore continually check the health of our relationship with God and ask ourselves what we need to do to grow closer to our heavenly Father. A strong relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ will keep us firmly attached to him and focused on the path that God has prepared for us from before the creation of the universe. Search for wisdom as he who seeks for a hidden treasure, this will help you to understand what the fear the Lord means and deepen your knowledge of God. Possessing it, we will be protected at all times of the temptations and confusion that might divert us to the path of the shadows. Read the word of God every day. Only to God be the glory!


The wicked desire the stronghold of evildoers,
but the root of the righteous endures.
Proverbs 12:12

Bad people live in trouble all the time but pretend otherwise. They are guided by their sinful nature which causes them numerous setbacks and makes them stumble and fall more often than they would like. Their hearts are filled with evil desires, which can adversely impact them in two different but complementary ways. Firstly the principle of reciprocity cannot be violated and every evil thought they produce becomes a boomerang against them which hits them with the same intensity with which they wish evil to their neighbors. Moreover, bad intentions make the evildoers rationalize their behavior and they end up convinced that the end justifies the means so they will do everything in their hands, usually bad actions, to achieve their goal of harming others, falling deeper in their spiritual failure.

The upright, however, allow their life to be led by the Holy Spirit of God, so they don’t have to worry about reciprocity. On the contrary, their good wishes are a source of continuous blessings for them. Also the Holy Spirit imparts them wisdom and discernment so they can realize immediately whether the actions to be undertaken are good or evil before falling into temptation, giving them time to rectify. How do you live? Want to live afraid that your evil desires result in serious consequences for your life? Or do you let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit to live peaceful and confidently? The choice is yours. Seek the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart and he will give you life and direction. Follow his steps at all times and do not let the carnal nature dominate your thoughts and your behavior. God will give you a firm victory. Only to God be the glory!

Blessing the city

Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted,
but by the mouth of the wicked it is destroyed.
Proverbs 11:11

We often wonder why God allows the existence of towns and cities where his name is despised. These towns and cities are populated by wicked people who have misbehaved for years and years, despite the many warnings against it. Towns and cities are known worldwide for using the questionable lifestyle of those who inhabit them as a trademark. Thus we have, for example, San Francisco, California where there is a large community of people who live according to the gay lifestyle. Las Vegas, Nevada, is known for gambling and prostitution. They even call it “Sin City”! Both the principality of Monaco and Macau, one of the Special Administrative Regions of China have been important centers for gambling for a long time. The mountain fortress of Alamut in Iran, now in ruins, used to represent the ultimate place where you could find a murderer for hire. Indeed, the English word assassin comes from the word hashashin, which means smoker of hashish in the Arabic language. But that’s another story.

Many times we complain about violence, poverty and other ills that prevail in the places where we live. We say that the fault lies with the civil authorities who have, by their gross inability, allowed crime to advance freely and without reins. But when was the last time you prayed for your city? Abraham interceded beyond reason with God to save Sodom and Gomorrah. After intense negotiations God accepted that if ten righteous people were found in Sodom he would cancel the sentence of destruction he had imposed on the two cities because of their collective sin of homosexuality. Unfortunately for the sodomites, only four people were found, so the punishment was carried out as it had been decreed. By contrast, the city of Nineveh was spared by the prompt intervention of the repentant king and the obedience of its people to his call for collective fasting. Intercede for your city, chances are that’s all that remains for God to begin to pour out his blessings on it. Only to God be the glory!


Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men,
from men whose words are perverse,
who have left the straight paths
to walk in dark ways,
Proverbs 2:12-13

Some trails are wide and spacious and some are narrow and difficult. Some trails are flat and some are very steep. There are straight roads and also extremely tortuous roads. Some paths are full of shadows and others are clear and illuminated. There are dry roads and muddy paths. There are slippery trails and there are also firm trails. There are flat roads and rough roads. There are trails that lead us to the heights and paths that can lead us straight into the abyss. There are trails that are perennial and there are others that eventually disappear. Finally, there are many kinds of ways that most of us have travelled, must travel or will travel throughout our lives. So,what makes the traveler progress and feel serene regardless of the different circumstances of the terrain?And why many, though they have to move through paths full of obstacles and difficulties, feel safe and confident that the road, be it harsh or pleasant, will lead them to a  good destination?

The difference, my dear friend, is who accompanies him on his journey. Who have you looked for to help you move smoothly, regardless of the vicissitudes of life? There is only one partner who can guarantee peace and joy and progress towards the ultimate and safe destination and he is the Lord Jesus Christ. In his hand, we need not fear because he is responsible for removing any obstacle that stands in our way and will allow us free rein to the presence of the Almighty. Take care, therefore, to be accompanied by the only person who can give assurance to successfully complete our journey regardless of the path we have to go through. Look to Christ and take his hand. To God alone be the glory!

True riches

This is what the wicked are like—
always free of care, they go on amassing wealth.
Surely in vain I have kept my heart pure
and have washed my hands in innocence.
All day long I have been afflicted,
and every morning brings new punishments.
If I had spoken out like that,
I would have betrayed your children.
Psalms 73:12-15

One of the biggest challenges a son of God must face during his pilgrimage on this earth is the prosperity and supposed success of those who openly oppose the commandments of God. The system established by this world is responsible for promoting those who have managed to accumulate wealth, regardless of whether they were obtained by legal or illegal means. The fact is not how but how much. What seems more important is the end and not the means used to achieve it. Everyone dreams to win the lottery jackpot, even those who do not buy the tickets. It seems that the motto “Success equals wealth” was inscribed with fire in the minds of all. The same system is responsible for teaching us ad nauseam that the limitation of resources is a sign of failure and a reason for sadness. Many become discouraged when they see that most of the time honesty does not lead to material wealth.

Wise King Solomon looked at all the things that have to do with life and its purpose. In terms of material wealth he said: “Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless.” and “as for the rich, their abundance permits them no sleep. ” This is the sad reality of those who live tied to the belief that money is happiness. As we can see, the truth is quite the opposite. Of course, this does not mean that riches are bad. The gift of God is wealth and its enjoyment. The reward offered by the enemy is riches with pain and sorrow. Solomon said, “when God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil—this is a gift of God.” Let us therefore pay no heed to the material achievements of those opposed to God and let us look up to him who can really give us a life full of goods and happiness. To God alone be the glory!

Sheep’s clothings

The plans of the righteous are just,
but the advice of the wicked is deceitful.
Proverbs 12:5

The wicked do not always look like the villains in Hollywood films. In fact, many of them are cleverly disguised beings full of kindness who offer the world apparently useful tips but in reality are cruel beasts preying on the naive and the reckless. They only seek personal glory and destruction of everything that represents goodness and justice. In their hearts there is no trace of the slightest scruples and doing evil gives them immense pleasure. Their favorite weapon is the weapon of his father, deceit. Those who ignore their trickery quickly and easily become victims of their evil purposes. By contrast, the just enjoy goodness and justice. Their weapons are truth, justice, faith, God’s word and love. Their desire is to continually do good to others despite they are recognized for it or not. Their plans are always aligned with the plan that God has prepared for mankind and the rest of creation.

Do you prefer personal glory or the good of your neighbor? To build or to destroy? Do you enjoy seeing others suffer or feel sincere sympathy for the toils of those around you? Only you can decide for which of the two teams you are going to work. A warning, your nature will always tend to align with the team of the wicked. Their behaviors will always seem to be more fun and exciting. Your natural inclination will pull you away from God. Therefore, you must be very careful for the path of righteousness and justice is narrow and it is very easy to deviate from it. If  you still want to join the winning side despite of what your body is asking lean on the transforming power of God that can free you from the bondage of sin, bad behaviors and harmful habits. God is only asking you to act with justice, mercy and humility. This is not much to ask, or is it? Hold fast to Christ and you will know what it means to overcome. To God alone be the glory!

Unacceptable indifference

The righteous detest the dishonest;
the wicked detest the upright.
Proverbs 29:27

Many people think that the children of God must stand silent and not express their opinion about the evil deeds with which the wicked have filled the world. However, there are many things that are non-negotiable for the son God because God does not accept compromises. One of these things that God does not tolerate is injustice. The wicked, on the other hand, rejoice in injustice and make it their favorite tool when it comes to exercise and abuse the power with which the world has rewarded them for their wrongdoings. For the Son of God all evidence of injustice and evil must be rejected and condemned and the perpetrators must be rebuked publicly. Many become discouraged because most of the time their complaints do not produce the expected results. We must understand that the world is under the control of evil and evil will always take precedence and it will remain so until the Lord Jesus Christ returns and puts an end to all evil.

The child of God should feel angry when faced with injustice. His response to evil cannot be cold indifference or cowardly flight. Popular wisdom tell us that “Silence speaks volumes”, so if we remain silent to injustice we are in fact accepting and approving it and that is not pleasing to our heavenly Father. If the presence of evil does not cause repulsion to you, your life is not being controlled by the Holy Spirit of God and you run the risk of eventually committing the same injustices to which you remain silent today. May the reason for our daily prayer be to be guided by the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to our spirit and the word of God, engraved in our hearts pointing the right way. Remaining silent is not an option. As children of God must proclaim and defend justice and truth. To God alone be the glory!

Fork in the road

The LORD’s curse is on the house of the wicked,
but he blesses the home of the righteous.
Proverbs 3:33

There are certain things that are difficult to understand for those who have been raised under the philosophy of postmodernism and unfortunately much of humanity belongs to this category. For example, for them it is tremendously difficult to understand that with God there is no middle ground. For them, the clear division between good and evil ─ without falling into the erroneous dualism ─ presented throughout the stories and teachings of the Word of God is simply incomprehensible. The prevailing relativity of our times considers that the biblical view is an outdated way of understanding life and therefore, they are constantly seeking ways to dilute the impact that these teachings have on the conscience of those who listen, either by directly attacking them or by simply ignoring them like the proverbial ostrich. Before God we have only two options. Either will we follow him or not. Either we obey him or not. Either we pay attention to him or ignore him. Either we repent or remain the beasts that we have been all of our lives. Either we surrender at his feet or reject his offer of reconciliation. Either we accept his incomparable love or refuse the greatest opportunity we will ever have.

The consequences of our actions are clearly defined before us so no excuse will be acceptable to elude the responsibility for our decisions. Faced with two possible outcomes one can only assume either one of two positions: to obey or disobey. Unfortunately, the human race has lost touch with reality and has submerged itself in an accommodating world in which all try to be as light as possible to make room for the uneven amalgam of worldviews that are needed to replace and satisfy the need of having personal contact with our creator. Instead of listening and following God, man has been driven by his carnal impulses and this decision can only bring catastrophic consequences upon him. Let us act, then, with wisdom at the fork in the road of our destiny. Let us follow the loving voice of the Good Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ and choose the right path, the path of life and salvation. To God alone be the glory!